Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today I have something special for you guys. A play called: Lafferbooij. This is not an ordinary play, it was written by two very dear friends of mine, Anouk Bekker and Daniela Tasca (am trying to post their picture, but blogger is not very helpful today). So far the play has been performed in schools and youth centers mostly, but this coming Sunday 24 September Lafferbooij hits De Balie.

Sixty minutes filled with rap music and a no-frills storyline. You will either want to dance along with the enticing raps or remain glued to your seat because of the gripping story. That's Lafferbooij for ya. The play is about Fannana and her best friend Faye. What Faye does not know, however, is that Fannana is head over heels in love with Booij. Only when it's too late, does Fannana realize that she has ended up in the clutches of a so-called loverboy, a ruthless young man who, through shrewd manipulation, seduces young girls and eventually leads them into prostitution.

So do me a favour and go and see this play. It starts at 13.00 hrs. Afterwards, there are workshops and an interview with the authors. Tickets: EUR 10 for the entire programme. After 15.30 you only pay half.

For more info, pls contact Brit Arp (06 - 224 36660) or www.debalie.nl/programmabalie.jsp

Photography: Nicolien Zuijdgeest