Sunday, June 21, 2009

Linking words

There are roughly speaking five categories of linking words. I have given examples of each category.

Giving examples
For example /For instance /Namely

Adding information
And /In addition / As well as /Also/ Too /Furthermore / Moreover / Apart from /
In addition to / Besides

In short / In brief / In summary / To summarise / In a nutshell / To conclude
In conclusion

Sequencing ideas
The former, … /the latter /Firstly, / secondly, / finally /The first point is
Lastly/ The following

Giving a reason
Due to / due to the fact that /Owing to / owing to the fact that /Because /Because of Since /As

Giving a result
Therefore /So /Consequently/ This means that/ As a result

Contrasting ideas
But/ However /Although / even though /Despite / despite the fact that /In spite of / in spite of the fact that /Nevertheless/ Nonetheless /While/ Whereas /Unlike /In theory… /in practice…