Friday, July 03, 2009

The days after ....

July 2 has gently eased into July 3. It is still stifling hot outside and The Famous Unknowns are again giving a brilliant performance in my living room. Me is once more burning the midnight oil, until I am so tired that all I can do fall in a dreamless sleep, with no risk of being haunted by that nagging anguish of the last ten days.

The good part about July 2 was that I saw so many of my former students at Het Baken this afternoon, from the geniuses of Hugo, Dominique, Laura and Judith to golden boy Jesper a.k.a. Mr Hystorectomy, to Bollywood Sana, to DJ Joa, to funny Wesley, to so many other lovelies, all receiving their A-level diplomas. Well done and a very deep bow from thy former teacher! A whole new world is about to unfold for you, taking you wonder by wonder. Explore, my adventurers. Be inquisitive. But most of all, be you.

Other good things on July 2? Well, how about having dinner with friends at Gandhi, a fabulous newly opened Indian restaurant in Hilversum. The owners are the Indian couple Mr and Mrs Gupta who have several restaurants and take aways in the Netherlands. As an extra advantage: eating out proves an effective remedy to forcefully drive out unpleasant thoughts and memories, especially if you choose extremely spicy.

And then the early hours of July 3 arrived. Should have been in bed a long time ago and in a few hours the hot eye of heaven will replace the crescent moon, meaning it's time for me to get up again and prepare for another day at the office. Well, I have to anyway, since July 3rd will be all about the preparation for next Tuesday's radio broadcast, this time not at the public library in Amsterdam (OBA), but at Desmet Studio (near Artis Zoo).

That last broadcast from OBA led to some nice pics taken from the video stream. BTW, Tuesday's broadcast will feature a very special main guest: Khadija Arib. So stay tuned to that radio (5) and join some 20.000 other listeners.

Yes, those glasses conceal more than simply lack of sleep, but who would know... Only the observing reader and/or viewer? Or the ocassional passer-by who actually dares to fathom the dark corners of my soul...?

p.s. Laura, you honoured me greatly with your entry in the year book. Thank you so much, although I really do not deserve this.