Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mrs Peel, we're needed

Well, long time no new postings. Sorry about that. Just been very busy with my 'new'job at Dagblad De Pers. This time also nothing about Lebanon, but about another passion in my life: Britain. I guess the epiphany of everything quinessentially British must be the sixties cult show The Avengers, especially the episodes with Mrs Peel and her catsuits. Thought I was the only one interested in details like John Steed's umbrella, which is an anthentic whangee that can be purchased at London's equally authentic umbrella shopping paradise James Smith & Sons. Or about Steed's interior or whether Mrs Peel has parquet or simply wooden floors. Found out there is even a Ministry of Riggism and that The Avengers are still hot, although it is getting harder and harder to get one's hands on the full series.

Please click on Mrs Peel's theme! You won't be disappointed.

Dame Diana Rigg as she is officially called now, will turn 70 next year. Like mother, like daughter, Rachael Stirling also opted for an acting career. Biggest role so far: Nan Astley in Tipping the Velvet.

And then there is of course none other than John Steed, who is now 85, but gave men's fashion in the sixties a new impulse. Chelsea boots, single breasted, double buttoned blazers, his bowler hat and his whangee umbrella that at times also served as a weapon as Steed would never carry a gun of course.