Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Career switch

Long time no posting, but yours truly was in the midst of switching careers. Next week I will start my third career, teaching the ins and outs of the Queen's English to A-level students at a secondary school in Almere. So keep them fingers crossed that all goes well.

I might say that I left my newspaper Dagblad De Pers with a bang, writing a front page article about the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Corporation (DMBC) where I myself worked for over three years.

A major Dutch news station accused the DMBC of having been taken over by conservative Muslims after the so-called liberal director Frank William had left. In my eyes, a completely laughable accusation once you take a look at the DMBC tv and radio programmes or at the people making the programmes for that matter.

My editor-in-chief decided to run my story on the front page. Result: loads of media coverage from parties interested in the other side of the story, from Netwerk to De Leugen Regeert. I do so hope that the DMBC will be able to effectively refute all criticism and claims that the show is now run by radical Muslims.

And wouldn't it be nice if Dutch politicians like Jeroen Dijsselbloem would think twice before so easily taking things for granted and blabbling away in Nova, no questions asked.
But hey, mention Islam and orthodoxy in one breath et voila, the shit hits the fan.