Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ding dong ...the witch is dead.

All over the world Christians are getting ready for Easter and the resurrection of Christ. The victorious battle of good over evil. While Christians have Easter, Hindus have Holi and guess what ... it was today.

Holi celebrates the survival of Prince Prahlada who, in defiance of his father, worshipped Lord Vishnu. To kill the prince, the old king plotted with his evil, bitchy, witchy sister Holika, who claimed to be immune from burning.

He sent his pious son to sit with her in a bonfire. Good guy Prahlada survived while Holika was incinerated. With the traditional Holi bonfires, evil is banished at the same time heralding springtime , a new season bursting with life. Party time. Subh holi.

Picture: courtesy Times of India