Monday, November 12, 2007

Shah, Azmi and Me

Just got back from Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai (What makes Albert Pinto angry). This was the first time EVER I heard my surname in an Indian film 'Mohamedjoesoef from Uttar Pradesh'. I was stunned and so tempted to look around and tell everyone that that was me, me, me. My bloody name. Kept my cool though.

Albert Pinto (1981) is a young Roman Catholic car mechanic played by Naseeruddin Shah, who enjoys an insulated life of semi-privilege in India where his wealthy customers will sometimes let him use their luxury cars, and his charming girlfriend Stella (Shabana Azmi) stays in her desired place.

All this changes as Pinto is suddenly face-to-face with the injustices of an imbalanced social system. His father (Arvind Deshpande) is badly beaten as he joins a strike at work, and his brother (Dilip Dhawan) ends up in jail for trying to steal food because he has been out of work so long he has no resources left. Rudely awakened by the suffering of his father and brother, Pinto begins to seriously look around him. His change from passive ignorance to active resistance evolves through to the end of the film.

Please note that none of the selected photographs are from the film, as unfortunately I could not find anything, picturewise that is, related to Albert Pinto.