Monday, April 24, 2006


Wheeling & dealing. Incredible poverty, filth, lack of hygiene. But the country also has unearthly riches and wealth on offer. And not just from long forgotten colonial times. The economic giant has begun to wake up. Result: India is hot, economically hot. The vast country even has its own Silicon Valley in the south Indian city of Bangalore. And it is not just foreign biggies such as Dell, Microsoft or Wall Mart that want to have a piece of the pie. Dutch companies, too, are very much interested. Telegraaf Media Groep has laid out plans to have the advertising pages for its regional newspapers such as the Haarlems Dagblad and Gooi-en Eemlander made up in India.

Please note that the word "coolie" is an Indian term which refers to a porter at a place of public transportation like a railway station. It is in fact a denigrating word, which is has come to be quite the fashion in reference to the Indian world of ITC services, concentrated in Bangalore.